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Vegan Blackberry ‘cheesecake’

Late August and early September always means blackberry picking for me. Ironically, I cannot stand fresh blackberries, but when cooked down to a jam or coulis like in the recipe I just can't resist them. After many questions on Instagram of these summer and autumn sweet bites, I knew I was on the right track… Continue reading Vegan Blackberry ‘cheesecake’


Dad’s Gluten-free Granola

I realised that finding the perfect granola recipe for my whole family was pretty much impossible... So I decided to create a collection of granola recipes, starting with this one,  allowing multiple ideas and flavour combination for anyone to read (yey). There is no coconut oil or so called superfoods in this, its just my dad's favourite breakfast! Honestly,… Continue reading Dad’s Gluten-free Granola


Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

I have smoothie bowls almost everyday, but this one was extra special! Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and apple, the flavours of a great pudding, but in a healthy breakfast, who would say no to that? I even topped this with a scrumptious protein ball to make it a perfect post-workout refuel (or just even tastier!) The… Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl


Cinnamon Date Puree

There isn't anything better than a warm bowl of porridge on a wintry morning, unless it has cinnamon date puree on top. Made from just dates, cinnamon and water, this simple recipe can make almost anything taste ten times better.This recipe is cheap and easy to make. I bought a bag of dried pitted dates… Continue reading Cinnamon Date Puree



21 sleeps, the tree is up and advent has begun. What else to bake but gingerbread?To create the quickest, easy and vegan recipe I chose to make a small amount of mixture which made around 20 biscuits. You will need:40g soft brown sugar (coconut sugar would work here)95g plain flour (white or wholemeal)20g coconut oil40g… Continue reading Gingerbread